Nice to meet you

Hello! I am Shehab Salem , a current highschool student. I enjoy spending my free time by learning new topics on TryHackMe, going to the gym, or spending time with my two cats: Mishu and Piko!

I am still quite new to the field of cybersecurity, so I believe it is valuable for me to review what I learn each day by sharing it with others!

I hope you enjoy my gallery of interests on the left!

What is this site about?

I hope to share the interesting topics that I learn in cybersecurity with others online. 

I believe cybersecurity, especially penetration testing, is a fastly growing field that will only continue to get more important in the future, so getting people interested in it is my main goal with Salem Cybersecurity.

I hope you enjoy the content in my blogs, and if you have any comments, check out the contact page!

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